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Friday, November 22, 2013

13 Signs Your Kids are Addicted to Rainbow Loom!

1. Every member of your family is sporting Rainbow Loom bracelets on their wrists, has them in their jewelry box, on the night stand, by the sink, on the kitchen table, in the car....

2. Everywhere you go, you're looking to see if they have the extra bands in stock...and in "glow in the dark" white.

3. Little rubber bands are littered all over the house, and you just stepped on three of them, on your way to the kitchen.

4. Speaking of the kitchen, every Tupperware container is missing from your kitchen because they have been repurposed for holding rubber bands...

5. You know the difference between a s-clip and a c-clip, and you know the difference between a fishtail, a starburst, a pinstripe, a ladder, and a triple-single....and you can even make a couple of those.

6. Your children steals your iPad to watch videos of "Ashley" teaching him how to make all the different styles of Rainbow Looms. (And you and your child refer to "Ashley" from the YouTube videos as if she was your child's in point.... You say, "What is Ashley up to today?" Child: "She's teaching me about the double hex...")

7. You light up when you find a package of knock-off Rainbow Loom bands in the dollar isle of Target, realize they are pink and purple and that you have boys, and shrug and buy them anyway.

8. You hear your child mumbling to himself, "Now, let's get started....first take the band and place it on the loom..."

9. Your child is no longer earning screen time....he is earning time in which he can Rainbow Loom....

10. Your child ask you where his "hooker" is.  This is a true story. After laughing hysterically, you realize he means the hook device that comes with the loom instead of a different kind of hooker. Subsequently, you have lost and/or broken this "hooker" -- the stick that comes with the loom -- and you have to buy a replacement crochet hook....or two...

11. Your child manages to place all the rubber bands on the loom but needs your help "hooking." "Mom, I need help hooking," are not the words every mother longs to hear, until you realize he means the Rainbow Loom.

12. Your child makes Rainbow Looms for friends, family members, neighborhood kids, house guests, the repair guy who fixed your washer, and the Mormon Missionaries who stopped by.

13. You go into your child's room at night to tuck him in, and he's hunched over, under the covers with his beloved Rainbow Loom, rubber bands strewn about and he's lit by the glow of the iPad, watching an instructional video...probably from Ashley.

If only he was this obsessed about homework or doing his chores...
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